Monday 4 March 2013

#Serviced #Anthology - @L_Bushman

That's right, I have another author from the Serviced Anthology to share with you! Today I have Leona Bushman. You feature a lot of interviews and guest posts on your blog. How do you find and choose which authors you have visit?

LOL I do have a lot of guest posts, especially in recent times. Blogging has always been hit and miss for me. However, I found that my wish to help other authors also helped me keep blogging. I end up with more of those than anything. As for how I find them, this is a great example of how networking helps. I've spent years on twitter, talking to other authors and aspiring authors. I see one pushing a book, I may ask if they'd like to be a featured author. Or, if I see someone asking if anyone has any openings, I might approach them. I won't do just anyone. I have to relate to the author or the book or both. :D But mostly, it's twitter and FB.

inner twelve year-old snorts at 'do anyone' Ahem! Do you usually give the author something to work with, or do they choose their own format/questions/topic?

Usually, I'll do what they want. If they have no preference, it's a book feature, with links to a couple more. Or, I've let a couple of them do guest posts. This can be scary if you haven't read their blog prior to agreeing, but it's worked out well for me in general. Recently, I did my very first interview--ever--with Raven McAllan and she's just fabulous. Made it easy :D

I like interviewing, I don't have to come up with a topic. YOU are the topic. hehe. What social media helps you find readers and fellow writers?

Twitter. And recently, FB. But twitter has been loads of fun for me on a personal level. *come and get me @L_Bushman I've met readers and writers that have enriched my life and expanded my sense of humor ;)
At first, I sort of made my Facebook page for family/friends only. But so many authors became friends. We suffered/laughed/loved with each other. Talked each other through the lows, celebrated the highs, and generally did what friends do and I realized something. That we were as much friends, and more so in some cases, as those people I knew so long ago in school. I did start an author page. Took loads of arm twisting from people, but PBBBT I did it :D

I love finding new places and people to network with. Like new friends everywhere! War of the Weres seems to be paranormal. Do you write romance/erotic in other subgenres?

Oh my, yes! And War of the Weres is paranormal. Barely There in the Ravaged anthology and The Ulfric's Mate are the starters there. But on top of those, I have:
Rick Sexed Up the Doc-Naughty Nursery Rhyme- contemporary menage
The Capain's Christmas- sci-fi adventure
Daryn's Slayer, Crimson anthology-regency paranormal (yes, paranormal but also my first historical. And it is HOT)
Over a Dead Body, Serviced anthology-contemporary thriller
:D I read voraciously, why shouldn't I write the same way?

I completely understand. Currently most of my erotica is Blue Moon House, but both my shorts and my real name cross a LOT of genres. Most of your books are published with Breathless Press. How did you choose them as a publisher? Did you submit to anyone else?

I've submitted elsewhere. In fact, have other shorts in anthology with other small publisher in the works and a longer fantasy I'm trying to rewrite after my CP sent back and said FIX THE BEGINNING, and a revise/resubmit on my zombie urban sci-fi thriller with another publisher.
One of my twitter friends RT their website. On Breathless Press's website they have a sample contract, which I really liked, and then I saw the covers. As an artist, I was instantly in love.

I understand that. I'm in awe of the cover art Breathless and Naughty Nights puts out. You also have a self-published novel. Has it been better working with a publisher? Will you go back to self-publishing?

OH MUCH better working with a publisher. I've done a little re-editing on my self pubs since starting the process and will do more when I can breath. My first with them was published July 30th, and even though the rest are novellas or shorts (all around 10k) for anthos, that's still a lot of writing--and editing. Combined with my other stuff? Yeah, will get around to editing the self pubs soon. yes, that was tongue in cheek humor

I totally understand. What's up and coming for you?

Crimson is the next one finished and ready to publish. It's due out the 1st and is wowzers going by the cover. Well, I know my story is hot, I imagine the others are as well!

That's the point, isn't it? Tell us about your story for the anthology and give us a tease!

Over a Dead Body is a thriller. Our hero and heroine haven't seen each other in five years. Here's the blurb:
Riker hated days that start out with dead bodies. Edie hated days that started out with dead bodies found by ex-fianc├ęs. Both wanted to find the killer.

It didn't take much longer. Grady led her back to where the MA waited, but her height garnered her a clear view over the barely-past-regulation-height seaman. Her eyes never stopped moving, noting everything as she walked, he knew. He also knew the very second she recognized him.

Her lips opened in an "O" before she clamped them together in a thin line. The flare of heat in her eyes quickly turned to frost as their eyes met. His own body flared up under her gaze, then his temper ignited. He didn't deserve her frost. He'd been honest and up-front and done what he thought to be right at the time. Hell if he'd feel guilty for it now. Remorse was bad enough.

"Agent Lancaster," he said, acknowledging her first as she approached. Tactical advantage to him.

"Chief Petty Officer Riker," she replied. Was it his imagination, or did she emphasize "officer" when she said his name? She'd made no bones about the way she felt about him turning down officer school when it had been offered to him. At the time, he'd thought to be out in four years. No one had been as surprised as he when he re-enlisted.

Both stared the other down until the Master at Arms cleared his throat. "I see you know each other," he said. "CPO Riker is the one who discovered the body."

"Yeah. We've met," he bit out.

"But we don't really know each other," she added, with just as much snark.

This time he was sure she emphasized a word. Her green eyes snapped in fury. He couldn't believe it. He'd heard that expression before, but until he stared into her eyes that literally seemed to be alive with her anger he hadn't understood how it looked. Although she'd probably be angry if he mentioned the heightened color in her cheeks brought out her eyes. They turned the same color when they made love. The wayward thought brought a half-smile to his face.

She always did look good with a little heat on her face.

Edie wished she could slap that half-smile clean off his face and into the nearest brig. "Did you touch the body?" she asked sharply, to get on safer ground. Whenever in doubt, go the business route. It had become her motto over the last five years and stood her well.


She narrowed her eyes at him. He knew better. "Why?"

"I wanted to check if he was hurt. We had an appointment to meet here. When I opened the door, it hit the MCPO on the leg and I knelt down. As I pulled him toward me..." He paused. She wondered what images he relived in his mind's eye. "I saw that I couldn't help him and left and asked Seaman Grady to secure the door and not let anyone in. Then I called the Master at Arms."

A very succinct accounting, and she'd expected no less. Then why did she get the feeling he'd left something out? "And the blood?" she asked, an eyebrow raised.

"I apparently kneeled in it. I didn't notice the blood on the ground. The carpets are dark, as you'll see when you look at the crime scene."

She heard the rebuke, but ignored it. "My team is right behind me. I was nearby when the call came in. While we wait for them, you need to have someone get you something to wear. I'll be taking your uniform as evidence." Damn it. She shouldn't be explaining to him. Especially since she hadn't cleared him. Well, her libido had, but that didn't count in an investigation.