Monday, 29 April 2013

#TantalizingTuesday - Her First House

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Sophia exited the carriage first. She left the trunks to Terrance and Nicholas, making her way directly to the door. Terrance stood behind her with the first trunk while she caressed the handle of the door.
It is the first time I've had a house,” she told him. Pulling, she swung the door open.
It was unfurnished. Terrance had placed orders for beds, settees, wardrobes chairs...plenty of everything. The lanterns were lit, the sun having set a few minutes before. Terrance had requested the crew light them as they left for the night. They would be back when the furniture arrived.
It's perfect,” Sophia said, stepping through the rather small entry way and turning down the main hall. Terrance left his trunk on the spot and followed her.
The parlor,” he said opening a door. “I plan to have a portrait made for that wall.” He pointed. “All the rooms are the same, all small.” He opened door after door down the hall. Each was a square of space with a small closet attached. At the end of the hall, they entered the dining area and kitchen. If the house were full, it could hold eight to twelve people. 


  1. I suspect there is much fun to be had in those rooms. I'd love to find out what. Great teaser

  2. What do Sophia, Nicholas and Terrance have planned for eight to to twelve people? Is there going to be an even number of guests? Would love to read how this plot unfolds?

  3. What Naomi said! Imagine! Twelve rooms to christen!

  4. Gorgeous photograph and an intriguing set-up. I wonder what story you have in mind... Are you going to share?


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