Friday, 5 September 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday - Fluffy

The fan clicked off and Eric sagged as though the wind had been holding him up.
“That’s it for scene two.”

His fluffer came immediately, distracting him as his co-star was bound and stripped by his ‘minions.’ This business really took the soul from him. He was so glad he had Stephanie. There wasn’t a production she hadn’t pulled him through, using her little tricks to get a rise out of him.

“Antoine’s?” he asked, running his fingers through her hair.

She stroked him while she answered. “Sure. Sounds tasty.”

She didn’t know about the tiny hidden box.

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Since writing this piece in August, I've watched the first episodes of the new series of Dr. Who. This picture reminds me of Peter Capaldi's red lined jacket. Awesome.


  1. OOooh, what's in the box, I wonder?

  2. Romantic flash. Was it a ring in the box?

  3. I was drawn in immediately by the title, "Fluffy"! I was anxious to see what made such and imposing figure fluffy. And it was love. I loved your take on this photo. It was such a different perspective. Very entertaining, loved it. xo

  4. I'm in need to know of the contents of the box? Extremely creative different take on the picture assigned. She always pulls him through but doesn't know what awaits, mysterious and haunting; I may be worng with what I read into it.

  5. The title definitely appealed to me :D Lovely flash.

  6. I have to know what's in the box Great Flash

  7. You have me hooked. What is in the box for one, and what plans does he have for her. I bet I can guess, and I love how you bought this flash alive. Great take on the picture. :)


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