Thursday, 11 September 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #1

Thought I'd change it up, finally. You're probably all pretty sick of Gentleman, so how about the next Blue Moon House prequel? Here's a clip from the opening to Slave. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

“Will, come in here.” Terrance called.
The young man, reading in the parlor, dropped his book. “Yes, sir?” His heart raced, afraid his master would punish him for reading, for taking leisure.
“Come in.”
Will had only been in the rooms during the day. They were stark and plain, very easy to clean, though the blood was both disturbing and stubborn when stained. He followed the icy-skinned man into the room and found a woman with black skin like his own, trussed up and hanging from the roof.
“She says she wants more.”
“Yes. Yes, master. I am evil. Punish me more.”
Terrance shook his head, white blond hair swinging out. “I don’t understand. Aren’t you people beaten enough?”
Will’s jaw clenched. “No. Some women never learn their place.” He strode up to the woman and slapped her face. Blood and saliva sprayed the floor. “Some women are no good for anything.” He slapped again, sending her head spinning in the opposite direction. “Some women are only good for fucking.” He unbuttoned his trousers, ready to do what it seemed his master had failed in.
“Will, stop.” It wasn’t Terrance but Sophia. Even after three years in their service, he still wasn’t comfortable with his owners. They could hear everything in the house and they were as fast as ghosts, appearing in one room and then another. He had learned quickly to do as they asked, when they asked, because they always knew if he didn’t. “Go back to your book.”
“No,” he said, not taking his eyes off the woman before him. “This is what you want, isn’t it, whore?” He stepped closer, squeezing her cheeks and deforming her mouth. “You want me to fuck you savagely while I tear out your hair, twist off your nipples.”
“William,” Sophia said again, an air of command.
“No, wait.” This time it was Nicholas. Were they all going to watch him? Not that he particularly cared, but it would increase the woman’s shame.
“Yes,” she said, tears leaking from her eyes. “Please, sir.”
He dropped her mouth to slap her again. “I am not your sir. I am not your master. I am your executioner.” He grabbed her by the hips and attempted to spear her. His cock hadn’t cooperated, so he used several fingers, jamming them into her, pushing hard. He also pinched her butt cheek, pulled her hair, and tweaked her nipple, pulling it and twisting.
She screamed and rocked on his hand, wetness leaking from it around her. She sobbed. “Yes...ah...yes...ah...” Her gasps started to even out and Will pulled back his hand.
“You are nothing but a filthy whore and you will never be anything to anyone.”
Her eyes closed and she sagged against her bonds, relaxing completely.

Remember to check out all the tasters on the blog.


  1. Wow, that was intense. Very graphic, palpable. I could nearly smell the hanging copper scent in the room from her blood and saliva.

  2. I read through the scene so fast, it was smooth, easy to follow, and so intense I found myself holding my breath. The fact that she relaxed will show his masters much.

  3. Wow, I wanted to see what happened in the other story.
    I wonder who the masters are to move so fast, ghosts?

  4. This scene is viciously explored into the realms of bondage in its max. I'm not a follower of this subgenre so I found the treatment of the woman almost sickening. It is definitely tense and thought provoking though.

  5. Intense fast paced taster. He certainly knows what he wants

  6. Well, this one DEFINITELY leaves me wanting to know more. :)

  7. I want to beat the shit out of him Angelica. I know it's a story, but please tell me something happens to this misogynistic bastard!


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