Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #10

Ready for the repercussions? Here we go with another snip from Gentleman. Make sure you hit the blog for all the other tasters.

He was unprepared for his second slap of the evening, this from his wife. After landing the blow, she took his arm and pulled him toward the entry. She started her tirade there in a series of whispers.
“I can't believe you just left. If I didn't know your mother, I'd think she'd raised you in a barn. Honestly, I can accept the widow. That's business.” Apparently Veronica had taken notice of Lynn at some point. He could have sworn she was engaged when Lynn withdrew. Once they were in the carriage her voice rose to full volume. “But a whore, Harrold? In the Baskins' house. Do you have any idea how you embarrassed me? I couldn't care less how often you frequent them or what vile things you do with them, but as a guest?”
Veronica's shrill voice had never appealed to him, but her tone, the way she berated him. God help him, it made him want her. For the first time in a long time.
He sank to the floor of the carriage, taking her hands and holding them to his forehead. “Forgive me. Tell me what I must do?”
“Do?” she asked, confused and snatching her hands back. “Whatever do you mean? Get up. Sit like a man.”
He rose, but longed to continue where her command had taken him. He sat beside her, his hand holding her breast and thumb circling above her corset. “Tell me what you want,” he murmured in her ear, nibbling the lobe.
She nudged him with her shoulder to push him away. “I'll ask you not to treat me as one of your ladies of the night.”
Harrold exited the carriage first, offering Veronica his hand. He kept hold when she was on the ground, breathing into her ear again. “What of our room? Can I appease you there?”
“Are you mad? I've had you tear me open quite enough, thank you.” Snatching her hand back, she hurried into the house.
Harrold seriously considered walking to Baker Street before finally following and lying silently beside his lovely wife.
There had to be a way out.

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  1. Veronica is pretty hard to get and Harrold only like easy prey. Too bad for him.

  2. I wonder whether he will ever resume a sexual relationship with his wife. Or is that totally off the cards. Great Taster

  3. Very harsh here- wow- I could feel her anger. Great job

  4. I'm afraid he would never even make it into my bed after satisfying so many women, so the fact that they still sleep together suggests that the way out is from within. I simply love the complexities in this story with so many different level colliding. Great taster. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will he kill her instead, or introduce her to another man who will seduce her away giving him his out? Cleverly hooked. xo

  5. This was my first read of Vernoica and Harrold, so at first I thought "What a bitch! No wonder he found someone else." But then I read the other comments and figured there's a longer story here. But it was a great way to bring about an emotional response to this scene! Nice!

  6. Boy, Veronica is one tough cookie to bite through. I'm liking this woman; she's no ordinary gal.

  7. I love how you make Harrold want his wife discplining him even more with her outrage. I'm anxious to know if he can slip out of the house or if he'll lie in bed next to his wife, sleepless and wanting her more an more but unsatisfied.


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