Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Worlds of Wonder

Tantalizing Tuesday gives you the chance to get sucked into all sorts of new worlds. After stepping into mine, head to the blog and read all the others. 
A steady quick clicking grew louder. Danika spun, trying to find the source. It was bad enough she’d gotten lost in this place, she didn’t anyone sneaking up on her as well.
The clicking didn’t speed up, but it did seem to become two-toned, one click louder and more pronounced than the next. Danika stared at the checkered floor, but it gave no hint of what lay in any given direction.
There was a faint whispering that was familiar. She’d run into strange creatures here, too thin to be real. Not skinny, flat almost. Like if they turned to the side you wouldn’t see them at all. She had run from them and wound up here.
She inched along, terrified, until she spied the end of the arching ceiling where it met columns and door. She nearly ran for it.
Click. Click. Before she reached the door it opened and a gigantic woman dressed in red stepped through. Danika wasn’t short, well over five feet, but the woman had to be more than seven. Her cheeks and lips were painted bright red and red ringlets fell to her shoulders.

“Have we found another Alice?” she asked. “Off with her head.”


  1. What a cute pairing, such an elegant photograph, and a children's story (edited for adult consumption). I love the pic, too. Very nice. xo

  2. Lovely piece here ... I enjoyed the movement

  3. I love the piece, and Alice in Wonderland w/ a twist, one of my favorites!

  4. Excellently written smoothly flowing tease

  5. Ooooh my. Someone is in trouble! Love it.

  6. Ooh I wasn't expecting that! Amazing teaser, I hope you extend this story, I'm hooked


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