Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday Taster - Slave #2

Rolling with Will for a little while here. Then I'll go back to Harrold. Check out all the tasters on the blog.

Will turned to his masters. It was true, they were all standing there. The other female, Lynn, joining the two men and Sophia.
Sophia stepped up and slapped him across the face. “How dare you treat another person that way?”
“She’s not a person, she’s a whore,” he answered, confused.
Sophia inhaled and exhaled slowly. “There is much you need to learn about humanity. Return to your reading.”
He ducked his head, still much taller than Sophia. “I may?”
Her angry expression softened. “Yes, I encourage you to do so now that you have learned how. Perhaps the words will show you what life has failed to.” She stalked past him to the woman still tied in the room.
Will didn’t stay to watch what they did with the whore next. If it was like he’d been taught, they would disfigure her so no one would want her again. Instead, he picked up his book from where he had left it.
Terrance came into the parlor and Will dropped his book again, rising in a rush.
“Sit down, William. I came to apologize. Sophia has rightfully reprimanded me. I should not have put you in that position.”
Will sat down slowly, feeling very odd sitting while his master stood. “Why didn’t you deal with her?” Will asked. “Surely, you know what to do with a whore.”
Terrance sat across from Will. “She wasn’t a whore, Will. She’s another slave, like you. She’s been treated like a whore all her life.”
He shook his head. “She would be much uglier.”
Terrance’s jaw flexed and his glittering pale blue eyes seemed to light up. “We saved her from that much at least. We hope to find her an owner in the north.”
Will scoffed. The North was weak, coddling their slaves. Not for the first time, Will’s respect for his owners faltered. They coddled him, teaching him to read, giving him leisure time. However, the one time he had tried to work during the evening, he had been reprimanded and sent to his room next to the kitchen. It didn’t take him long to understand why they wanted him out of the way. The sounds had been incomprehensible to him at thirteen, but now, sixteen, he had a good idea what went on behind all those doors.
Still, by teaching him, they’d make him unfit for any other owner. They were ruining him. He could never leave the service of Blue Moon House.

Check out all the tasters on the blog


  1. Your descriptions are strong and intense, full of emotion. Will feels trapped now. I hope he can get away before it's too late

  2. great taste- I enjoyed the intensity of this scene- you do a good job at drawing it out.

  3. Your writing uses great visuals, descriptions and near palpable intensity that ratchets the pressure and tension up. The intensity is high and underscored by Will's cruelty and expectations. The conflict between he and his owners, whom he thinks to be too kind and soft, is striking. I am hooked, too. Loved this taster!! xo

  4. Masterfully written taster...well done...thank you for sharing

  5. Extremely well done. I have finally understood Blue Moon House. You have tied this story together for my understanding. I applaud you with a standing ovation for what you have created.

  6. Bravo, Angelica. I just purchased that last two books of Blue Moon House. It's good to read the series first.

  7. That was really good. I wonder if he will learn or if he is going to feel trap forever. Obviously they have a point he didn't get yet.


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