Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Two Minutes

Her mind raced, reeling through lists, appointments. She had to pick up her son at 5 and take him to a game. Then her daughter at 6, return to pick up son, get supper somewhere in there… It was overwhelming, but if she didn’t think ahead to tomorrow, she’d forget something.
She jumped at a loud honk and noticed the light had turned green. Better that than not noticing it was red. She’d done that once or twice since becoming a single parent.
The scales tipped. She couldn’t swallow and her vision blurred. She pulled over immediately, an accident waiting to happen, and parked next to a service station.
She gave herself two minutes. For two minutes she could wail like a baby, scream at the world, swear like a sailor. When the second minute ended, she would wipe her eyes, blow her nose and go get her son. It had worked before.
She opened her phone to set a timer and spied a message from her daughter.
Think Dad’s out there somewhere?
The picture attached included all of heaven, the bright amidst the black. It was easy to imagine him floating among the stars.
She didn’t need two minutes.

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  1. I have tears in my eyes now. Such a beautiful and sad flash. Well done! :-)

  2. Sometimes we all need two minutes. Excellently thought out teaser. Love it

  3. I really wasn't expecting that twist. Absolutely beautiful. x

  4. Man, that was a very powerful blog Angelica. I understand the meaning of stress, but what this woman was going through would be something I couldn't understand, since I don't have any kids. Great blog.

  5. All of the stress you assumed had been brought on my an amicably mutual divorce, but your silent twist at the end leaves me wondering now if she wasn't widowed. But he could be an astronaut. This was a powerful teaser, very moving and totally unexpected. I loved it. xo

  6. I felt her stress and sorrrow and the need for the two minutes for her to escape from them. You packed many emotions into few words. I love the image of her husband's spirit floating amongst the stars overhead. Nice work.

  7. Wow! Heart wrenching, powerful and beautiful all at the same time


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