Wednesday 6 July 2016

#MidWeekTease - Blue Moon House: Vampire. #bdsm #vampire #erotica

Happy Hump Day. I have good news, Vampire will be coming out on the 4th of September and you can buy it now on All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iTunes and NaughtyNightsPress! Please add it to your Goodreads lists as well. Here's another tease from the sixth installment of Blue Moon House.

“Undress quickly, George, or I will tear the clothes from your body.” The man’s eyes burned and he held still. For a moment, Nicholas thought that was exactly what he wanted. Then George began furiously removing shoes, hose and upward to waistcoat and shirt
George hadn’t removed his shirt by the time Nicholas stood naked. Grabbing the collar, he pulled the entire back of the shirt free, the cuffs and sleeves falling around George’s wrists.
The man’s breath came in gasping pants, his slender cock once more at full length, still shorter than Nick’s. “Before you get to put that into me, I expect repayment for earlier.” He stroked himself to eliminate any confusion.
George fell on hands and knees his belly on the bed, reaching out to where Nicholas stood, taking and took his cock in hand. Nicholas hadn’t expected the man’s mouth, but he was hardly disappointed. He closed his eyes and took two handfuls of George’s hair, forcing himself deeper into the man’s throat. George gurgled and looked up, adoration shining from his eyes. His long lashes fluttered with tears caught on them from Nicholas’ rough treatment.
Nicholas slapped George’s bare ass, making him yelp around Nick’s shaft. It was so satisfying, Nicholas repeated the procedure on the other cheek. This time George moaned and lapped at him more avidly.
“Your mouth feels good, George, but I want something else.” He caressed the man’s backside. “Something even smoother.”