Tuesday 26 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #lesbian #japanese What is going on?

Yuki's problems compound. Check all the teasers on our blog.

Eiko’s red hair spilled down her pale back and seemed aflame in the sun. Yuki brushed her finger down Eiko’s back, but she didn’t stir, obviously still asleep. Rather than wake her, Yuki dressed and slipped out of the house.
She fell into a sitting position as she emerged in the middle of the park. Blinking in confusion and dismay, Yuki rose slowly and turned in a circle. How had she gotten to the park so quickly? Why did she feel so disoriented? Rather than head to campus, Yuki traced her steps from the park to the house. Except, after the right number of turns, she found herself on a block she didn’t recognize, one that didn’t have any houses.
Something was wrong. Unfortunately, if she wanted to get to class on time, she had to get going. By the time her classes were finished, Yuki was convinced that she had taken a wrong turn.
The same thing happened a few weeks later when Eiko hadn’t been waiting for her outside her classroom. Yuki didn’t think anything of that, assuming her lover was at home. However, when she passed the park, she found herself on the same strange block with no houses. This time, she worried.