Wednesday 27 July 2016

#MidWeekTease ~ Cardiac Melody ~ Coming In Hot #medical #erotica #romance

Happy Hump Day! To get you over the hump today, I have smokin' teaser from my contribution to Coming In Hot, Cardiac Melody. If you've ever crushed on that doctor or EMT, this is the set for you!

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Now for your tease!

Damon ran his hand over the short hair covering her sex, forking around her clit. Melody tensed in anticipation of his touch. His fingers fell between her folds and spread them open. His middle finger curled up between the others to flick her clit.
She let out a sigh, embracing the rush that followed his caress on her most sensitive bundle of nerves.
“Hmm, let’s do this a little longer, shall we?” Melody saw a drop of saliva fall from his mouth onto his finger and it moved more easily over her exposed nub.
The continued circling went from a zing to something closer to burning. She pulled against her bonds again, this time bending her knees, wanting to shift in or out of that touch—she wasn’t sure which. The hold on her ankles dug in with her attempts, the plush lining stopping it short of pain. Too well secured, all she could manage was to shift her hips a little to the left or right.
“Hold still, Mel,” Damon said, putting his free arm down across her hips, helping to pin her. He kept up his teasing until the thought she’d scream. Continuing to burn, each new circle made her more crazed than the last. Despite how hot it made her, she didn’t quite reach orgasm. Her empty pussy ached and clenched but found no purchase, making her squirm even more.
“Fuck, that’s maddening. I want to squeeze something in my pussy so badly.”
“Do you? Well then.” He picked up the rabbit and inserted it. “There you go. Come for me.”
Melody didn’t need a lot of coaxing, just a few more strokes on her clit and she clamped down on the toy and ground her hips into the mattress. The fire that had been concentrated in that one spot shot through her blood and made her whole body burn.
“Oh, yeah, sir. Yes.”