Tuesday 5 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #japanese #lesbian Too much!

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“You are so hot. All ready for this.” EIko’s fingers left Yuki’s skin to pick up the vibrator again. The broad blunt end slid in easily and Yuki was sure her teeth were chattering along to the buzzing. She cried out when the other tine pushed up onto her swollen nub.
At first it was a wonderful rush, but after a few minutes, Yuki’s legs clamped onto Eiko’s wrist and she bucked wildly, her eyes squeezed tight and stars flickering behind the lids.
Inhaling sharply, she relaxed, but that made the vibrator tease again where she was now very sensitive.
“Too much, too much.” Eiko switched the toy off but didn’t remove it. She took Yuki’s hand and guided it to her own red bush. Yuki took hold, two fingers inside and her thumb out, working one against the other.
As Yuki’s pleasure waned and Eiko’s grew, Yuki had the presence of mind to wonder when the other woman had undressed. Her full breasts stretched down as Eiko braced on the futon with her palms. A bright blush had formed in her cheeks and neck. Yuki sucked one of Eiko’s nipples, scraping it with her teeth as the other woman started to climax.