Tuesday 19 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #japanese #lesbian Moving in

Yuki moves in. Check all the teasers on our blog.

At the end of the month, Yuki packed her few possessions and moved them into her home. Yuki had visited many times, but as Eiko had, always left before morning. Eiko would walk her out, even in the late night, at first all the way home. Yuki argued that it was no safer for Eiko to be out alone than it was for herself. That was when Eiko stopped at the edge of the park, sneaking a moonlit kiss before Yuki emerged from the green foliage into the light of streetlamps.
She expected it to feel strange, or new, moving into this house, but it was neither. She felt as though she were coming home.
What was strange came a month after living with Eiko. Every morning, Eiko walked with Yuki to class, even though, as far as Yuki could discern, Eiko didn’t take any classes. For whatever reason, Yuki could always count on the redhead’s company, until the morning she woke before Eiko.
Eiko’s red hair spilled down her pale back and seemed aflame in the sun. Yuki brushed her finger down Eiko’s back, but she didn’t stir, obviously still asleep. Yuki dressed and slipped out of the house.