Tuesday 13 September 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #lesbian #japanese #kitsune Acceptance

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Looking through her email and notes, clearly she had been attending class. So that wasn’t Eiko’s reason.
“Yuki? What is wrong?”
She closed her eyes and felt the tear in her heart bleed a little more, but start to close. Eiko wasn’t trying to hurt her, or trap her. She had let Yuki go with nothing more than pleading for a chance to see her again.
“I think I made a mistake. I don’t know if I can go back.” Yuki covered her face as she began to cry again.
“It’s never too late, not if you love each other. Spend the night, let me fill you with good food and then you back to your friend and apologize. When you’ve made up, though, bring her here, please? Your father and I would love to meet her.”
Yuki couldn’t resist smiling in response to her mother’s broad grin. She’d often worried her family would be hurtful upon learning about her preference for women. Her father might still be angry, but her mother was simply happy if Yuki was happy. “I will, next break.”
“Perfect. Now, come help me get supper ready. Your sisters will be home from school before long.”