Tuesday 27 September 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday #lesbian #japanese #kitsune Complications

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Yuki instinctively caressed the cat’s head. “Amazing,” she murmured. “Why did you trick me?” she asked, unsurprised when the cat in her lap become a woman sitting pressed up against her, Yuki’s arm around her shoulders.
“I never wanted to trick you. I just wanted to be with you, forever. Your place really was too small for both of us in human form.”
“Yours is smaller,” Yuki reminded her, looking toward the hole that led to the burrow.
Eiko chuckled. “Physically, yes, but I can make it feel as big as I need. I could still add rooms, furniture, anything. The only problem is, you can’t be here when I’m not.”
“That’s a pretty serious problem,” Yuki told her.
“It doesn’t have to be. I’ve been reporting to my people, helping Mina and doing other things that take me from the house. Usually they fit into the time you are at classes, but it does run over from time to time. I shouldn’t need to do that again for a while, now. I’m all yours.”
“But what about when you’re not?” Yuki argued.
“Then I will see that you are somewhere that is comfortable and safe. How is that?”