Wednesday 28 February 2018

#MidWeekTease Coming In Hot 2 - Dynamic Destiny

Welcome to another MidWeekTease! Join me and my fellow authors as we offer samples from upcoming releases, recent releases, works in progress, pretty much anything an author is willing to share. Y'know things like my BDSM medical romance, Dynamic Destiny. It is just one of many stories in Coming In Hot: Rescue Me, the second set in its series. You'll find doctors, EMTs, nurses, vets, firemen... all kinds of men and women who will put their lives on the line to save yours. Although there are paranormal stories in the set, mine is contemporary. Destiny, assistant to Dr. Edgerton, is also the mysterious Mistress D. How would you like a peek into her weekend forays?

You can grab your copy of Rescue Me for only 99 cents on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.

She jumped, not expecting a voice beside her.
“Sorry, Mistress. I didn’t mean to startle you.”
Destiny cocked her head to the side. “You’re new here.”
The minute woman nodded. “Sir brought me last week. He instructed me to watch while he is away so I can properly identify my limits.”
Destiny nodded. “And what have you found so far?”
“Although I like being spanked, those paddles make me nauseous.” She pointed to the scene on the far right. The studded paddle being used made the sub scream. After each blow, the implement was set aside while the top used his fingers and tongue to tease the area until the bottom had calmed. Vibration brought her to orgasm before the top picked up the paddle again. The second blow left a smear of red in its wake.
“Is it the blood?” Destiny asked.
“Yes. And her scream. It must hurt so much.” Despite being disturbed, the woman watched, rapt.
Mistress D cleared her throat to redirect the woman’s attention. “I’m not fond of it either. Your Sir will understand.”
The woman brightened and pointed to another scene where a woman fought her bonds to escape the vibrator pressed to her clit. “That looks fun.”
Destiny had to agree. “Have you been bound?”
She shook her head. “No, no really.”
Narrowing her eyes, Mistress D asked, “Which is it? No, or not really?”
“It wasn’t with Sir. One of my exes had a pair of handcuffs.”
“I see. You enjoyed that?”
“Very much.”
“I wonder…” She pointed to where one woman rigged another for suspension, a skill Destiny was still developing. “Does that look better than cuffs?”
“Yes and no?”
Destiny gazed at the woman, appreciating her long black hair as well as the wide eyes that took in everything around them. “Your Sir is a lucky man. You are honest and open. That makes for a great submissive.”
“Thank you, Mistress. That.” She pointed to Dawn who swallowed Dr. Edgerton while Chuck thrust into her from behind. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”
Destiny swallowed a lump that had formed in her throat. The doctor still wore his shirt, but his pants fell open to reveal glossy black curls surrounding an impressive, thick cock that kept disappearing into Dawn’s mouth. It took her a minute to put them out of her mind and focus on the woman beside her again. “Who is your Sir?”
“Nicholas, Mistress.”
She relaxed, glad the woman didn’t belong to one of the less experienced Dominants.
“Perhaps he will share me with you?” the submissive wondered.
“Forgive me, Mistress. I only came to you because you seemed alone, as I am.”
Destiny turned toward a ladder farther down the wall that gave access to the balcony. “Come. You can see as much or more from up there.” She didn’t wait, but footsteps fell behind hers. At the top, she found two other voyeurs, one with cock in hand. Destiny took one of the stuffed chairs.
Tapping the chair beside her, she called, “Here.”
The woman’s smile grew and she plopped down beside Mistress D.