Tuesday, 6 February 2018

#TantalizingTuesday Chester

Is Chester a shifter? Maybe... We'll see. Here's 200 words to go with the picture. Head to the blog to read this week's teases and sign up to tease us on a future Tuesday.

Inching along on his belly, Chester crept up to the woman. She was strange, foreign, exotic. He’d never seen anyone so pale before. And her clothes. He could see all of her legs, her knees clear in the blue fabric. Sleeves rolled back, his eye drew to the even paler, if that were possible, skin on the inside of her arm.
Possibly strangest of all were the black device she held up to her face and the smaller one circling her wrist. The women wore bracelets, jewelry, but this was no precious stone he’d seen before, and he’d seen the laps of many women.
Completely taken with whatever she was looking at, the woman didn’t notice him as he got close enough to smell her.
She didn’t smell at all.
The hair on his neck stood up in alarm. Everyone smelled of human, sweat and dirt and heat, but she barely had any of these. He fought a hiss but a small sound escaped.
“Oh! Hey, kitty.”

Her lap felt like any other, although his claws digging into the blue fabric offended her less than normal. Scratching between his ears, she earned his respect. He would stay here, for now.