Tuesday 13 February 2018

#TantalizingTuesday Pandora

Hello again! I'm sharing 200 words based on this photo. It's another snippet from Pandora's sleeping beauty story. I hope you enjoy it as well as all the other contributions, listed on our BLOG.

Pandora gazed down at the pool outside Tabitha’s fortress, her home. A breeze rippled the water, preventing the appearance of the prince she detested so much. It hurt to see him in every reflected surface, reminding her of their one, frightening encounter and his assertion that he would make her his wife.
She shuddered and closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. The hyacinths in the water cleansed her mind and her shoulders dropped, tension eased. She opened her eyes only to have them fill with tears. Where was Magnificent? Dead, like the others. Dead by that monster’s hand.
She would not let him reign over her. She was the daughter of Helen, one of the only magical women to break free from her husband. Pandora had no intention of ever having one she needed to escape.
Considering that, she ran through her lessons with Tabitha. There must be a spell she knew that could protect her against his return. It was only a matter of time before she saw him face-to-face rather that reflected. She shook her head as each was discarded, too violent, beyond her skill, not powerful enough.
“Hey there, Princess.”
Gasping, she jumped to her feet, ready to run.