Wednesday, 7 February 2018

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Protector and Sin & Seduction

It's February, which means release day for Sin & Seduction! This is a great collection of HOT stories that you won't want to miss for a mere 99 cents. So grab it now, because that price is going up in a week. Or, if you're a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, grab your copy for FREE.

My contribution is Ethereal Protector, so this #MidWeekTease I thought I'd share another snippet from the first book in the Ghost of Salem series.

Sun streamed through the crack in Summer's blinds, announcing it was morning. She groaned and rolled over, tempted to go back to sleep but sat up with a start.
“Geoffrey?” The presence she had been feeling since she’d moved in was lying beside her. Today, however, she could see him. He was transparent and intangible, but he looked just like he had in her dream last night.
His lips moved, or she thought she saw them move, but no sound came from the ghost.
Summer fell back to the pillow. “I’m still asleep,” she reasoned. “That makes sense. I blended my weird witchy dreams of the past with my neurosis that there is a ghost in my house.” She shook her head. “Even for my psych prof, that’s a stretch.” Summer picked up her pillow and put it over her face. “Can’t be real. I’m nuts.”
The pillow was torn from her and thrown into a corner. The ghost leaned over her, darker than before. He wasn’t opaque, just dark, like he wasn’t happy.
“I’m going to have a shower.” She jumped out of bed and grabbed her shower bag from her personal bathroom. She stopped with her handle on the door. “Geoffrey, have you been watching us shower?”
The ghost turned his back and she wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed or offended. Frankly she didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t peeping on her.
Once dressed, Summer called Ember, eager to hear if anything similar had happened when she was seeing Duncan. And if it had, why hadn’t she told her? Ember agreed to meet her at the house.
Summer skipped down the stairs with her phone held to her ear. She stopped short when Geoffrey appeared at the bottom.
“Ack!” Her phone slipped in her grip and she used both hands to catch it.
“What’s up?” Paige asked and Summer’s jaw dropped. She could see Paige through Geoffrey.

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