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Sin & Seduction

A Limited Edition Spicy Paranormal


Contemporary Romance Collection

Get ready for a passionate and exhilarating ride!
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Featuring New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors, Sin & Seduction is a spicy, diverse collection of paranormal & contemporary, hetero & same sex romance reads designed to ignite fires of passion, love, and romance.

Bursting with sexy-as-sin heroes & devilish heroines, our titillating & romantic tales will seduce you and leave you craving more. Get ready for a passionate and exhilarating ride!

Warning: The Sin & Seduction authors suggest all readers ensure snacks and cool drinks are obtained before starting this collection. Once you start, you won't want to stop until the last page.

Anna Santos ~~~ Seduction

The vampires and sorcerer are scorching!
Alone for now, expect more in future from Anna Santos.

 I ENTERED MY APARTMENT, and as soon as I closed the door, I felt him. Galvin had materialized in my small living room, and I just didn’t have the courage to turn around to stare at his accusing eyes.
“I have a terrible headache. Can we please have this conversation tomorrow?” I asked, leaning against the door and pushing my forehead against the coolness of the wood to soothe my pain.
“For a moment there, I thought you were going to give up,” he whispered.
A shiver ran down my spine with his closeness. He was behind me, towering over me with his shadow. I grimaced painfully against the door. He wasn’t going to leave me alone until he lectured me all he wanted. He was stubborn like that.
“I was,” I confessed, hoping it wasn’t another reason to make him mad at me.
“Do you still want to give up?”
“No, I think I can do this,” I declared.
His soft tone relaxed me. He didn’t sound mad, he sounded concerned. I knew he cared, even if it was unusual for him to show it. I hadn’t sensed his presence, monitoring my actions. Still, his words meant that he had been spying on me.
“I know what I’m doing,” I said more to myself than to him.
I wished I knew what I was doing. I wanted to be strong enough to survive the attraction.
“Violet.” Galvin’s voice was laced with emotion. “Tell me the truth.”
“I can do this,” I assured him.
“I think,” he paused briefly, “that you will need some persuasion to keep you focused.”
I trembled when I felt the unexpected warmth of his hands on my shoulders. He squeezed them gently, moving my hair away.
A surge of heat coiled in my stomach and spread through my limbs. “What do you mean?”
His touch was confusing. He only touched me when we were training, or he was teaching me something that required us to touch each other.
“How long has it been since you got laid?” he asked.
I choked on my breathing as he turned me on my heels. I faced him, widened eyes and confused face. He was serious, no trace of amusement or playful teasing.
“One month, two months?”
“That’s none of your concern,” I muttered, finding myself flustered by his question.
“Actually, it is,” he said close to my face.
I swallowed hard, hoping he wasn’t implying what I thought he was. It was becoming embarrassing.
“I don’t need to read your mind to know that you are feeling conflicted about this.”
“About what?” I dared to ask.
“About me touching you,” he replied. “We weren’t able to finish our previous conversation.” He caressed my hair and left a trail of goose-bumps on my skin with the tip of his fingers. His hands kept wandering down my neck, and I didn’t know what to do or think about that.
“What conversation?” I grabbed his hand, to stop his caresses. “What’s wrong with you today?”
He smirked at my confused eyes, bringing my hand to his lips. The touch of his lips on my fingers made my vision become blurry. An unexpected warmth hit my stomach and sent crazy butterflies caressing every nerve of my skin. I gasped, but before I could make sense of the sudden feeling, he put an arm around my waist and pulled me firmly against his body. He was extremely tall. Widening my eyes, I leaned my head back to stare at him. His eyes were glowing, and I found myself surrendering to the closeness of our bodies.
“You are a strong woman, Violet,” he stated, voice laced with yearning. I froze and quivered with the hardness of his body. “However, you reek of sexual desire. He makes you wet, and you can’t conceal it, or you don’t even understand it. We need to fix that.”
“We?” I stammered, panicking when I felt his arousal against my stomach.   

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