Monday, 21 May 2012

Rambling and Reviews - LM Preston

Today I have LM Preston with us to tell us about her blog. She is a YA SciFi author with a number of books under her belt. The first question that came to my mind was, do young adults read your blog?

My blog audience is more adult focused. My facebook audience is younger but a mix of adults and teens.

She doesn't mince words, does she? So, my suspicion is correct. In that case, how did you build your audience? Where did most of your followers find you?

I built my audience by doing blog hops, posting on and twitter.

I like that you're straight to business. Do you write your posts in advance?

About 50% of the time I write them in advance, but if a thought inspires me, I write it then. I typically post twice a week. Either on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday.

You review a lot of material on your blog. How do you choose which movies and books to review?

Usually it's on whim. I go to the movies every other Friday with my husband or kids and I post the review of those, but most are SciFi related.

Books are usually selected by my daughter. I prefer to have a teen do the official review of the YA books because it's the intended audience. She and I read the books together but she post the review based on her feedback.

That makes sense and is a fabulous idea. Do you plan your reviews in advance?

Sometimes when I agree to do a read for another author or review books I get at conferences in support of the other authors.

Where do you find new ideas for blog posts?

Most of my books/movies and publishing biz comes from google alerts on topic areas surrounding those subjects.

Wow, you really get straight to the point. I imagine that's important when maintaining interest in a younger audience. (Pretty important with adults too, actually). I see you are about to embark on a blog tour. Have you already set up all of your dates/posts? Are most of them posts by you or interviews?

The blog tour in May is set up by all the authors that are in the YA book sampler. The dates and post are pretty much set up for that tour.

Ah! A ready-built populace to participate. Good luck on your tour and thank you for answering my questions.

Thanks for allowing me to participate.

LM Preston is the author of five YA novels with two more due to release in 2012. Flutter of Luv: Love in Little Pieces is expected out in July, while the sequel to the Pack, Retribution is due in September. All her books are available from Phenomenal One Press.