Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tuesday Tales - Glitterword - Stevie McCoy

Today I get to host another Flash Fiction blogger, Stevie McCoy! Can you tell I like participating in these? There really is one for every day of the week. So, Stevie, how did you start Tuesday Tales? What inspired it?

I was inspired by the other #flashfiction contests out there and for some reason, either by pencils in my eyes or shotty Lasik surgery I just couldn't find a contest on Tuesday... and most of the other days of the week were just too busy for me to participate in every week. Soooo the birthing of #tuesdaytales was popped from my vines like a hott tomata in summer. But if you are asking what inspired me to start my blog in general, that would be my desire to build my writer group because without a group of writers to support you in your journey you're as good as wood pulp, unrefined and not ready to become paper for the ink to flow on. Fellow writers are your support team cheering you on and smacking your face to stand back up when you fall down. We are writers... Hear us type. I wouldn't have my first manuscript draft completed without them. I <3 you crazy writers.

I <3 the crazy writers too! Do you choose the word or does the judge?

The judgemasters choose the word and I, based on their word, hunt the ethos of Photobucket to find a match worthy photo. This top SECRET uber DUBER awesome sauce word is PM'd to me on Twitter, and if the judgemaster is kind and feels sympathy for my sleep patterns will get this word to me in a timely manner... preferrably not the day before the mystical reveal.

That could be a late night hunt! How do you select your judges?

Judges are picked based on whether they achieve WINNER status on Tuesdaytales or if they are an editor that can offer my patrons free chapter edits or advice and even once a quarter I have editors of e-zines come in to give the opportunity for their Tuesday tales to be published, like Haunted Waters Press. Also I like to include the opportunity for authors to be judges in which they can provide the winner with a free e-book as a way of promoting their work. But I also take volunteer judges if I can trust they have the eye of truth for good and sound fresh and wordy writerly decisions.

How far in advance do you schedule judges?

Judges are only scheduled out the next week and sometimes 2 to 3 weeks in advance depending on if the winner decides to take the reins and become judgemaster when summoned to the greatness of Tuesdaytales history.

Right, using a winner precludes scheduling, of course. How have you built your readership?

Readership is built on doing more than just talking "at" the screen to a faceless pixelated world. It's about communication and interaction. My patrons are built because I involve them in my world and give them an opportunity to participate. It isn't just me talking to them but with them, sharing the experiences.

Interaction is easy with something like a contest. I imagine other types of blogs have a harder time. What social media do you find brings in the most writers and readers?

I get most of my hits from Twitter, then Google+, and very rarely ever from Facebook...(indeed I think the FB is a dying breed)

I see you also post your flashfiction on your blog. Are those usually entries in other contests? Are they inspired by something else?

Many of my peices are indeed flashfiction based on other contests such as twitter searches #menagemonday #motivationmonday #5minutefiction #fridayfactoryflash #fridaypictureshow #thursdaythreads and others. So I use their prompts for my pieces, but I also have stand alone peices inspired by blog challenges and just things that I think up and wish to journal for later usage.

Many of those are familiar to me. Friday Factory Flash is new, though. I'll have to check that one out. I saw a request for interviews/posts in a recent posting. Are you planning to change up your blog, or just add a new weekly feature?

Tuesdaytales will remain a constant on the blog but because I've been getting so many hits on my flashfiction lately, I decided I was established enough to start sharing the level up wealth with my fellow authors giving them some due recognition and support. The first interview post this THURSDAY!!! We will delve into the mind of Bethany Lopez author of two books in the Melissa series and the third on its way! She is on a roll and ready to spill the magical beans!

We'll have to jump over to GlitterWord and check that out!