Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Reading, Writing and Learning - Voldamar

Voldamar is the home of the books and blog of Steven and Detra Swem. Steven writes the majority of blogs, so I posed my questions to him.

I love the voice you use in your blog. Is that your usual voice or do you write your blog when you are in a particular mood?

Oh my. Cough cough, testing, testing. Ah that's better. Why yes, I do believe that is my usual voice. As long as it does not squeak. Being in a good humor mood does not hurt either.

Is the same tone present in the Demesne series? Does one particular character use that voice?

I don't think one particular character uses that voice. All have their giggle moments. As for the tone of the series, each story's tone is set by the story itself. The same for each character, I think. Aithera is more subdued, perhaps a bit more proper, in the telling of how she came to be the way she is. Jira is more outspoken and inquisitive. Devon tries to be reserved, and answers a question with a question, don't you just hate that? Oh wait, I said that in a blog, sorry. Valley is more dramatic then Aithera. Next up is New Beginning, which has you crying, laughing and looking for something to hit Solen with, maybe knock some sense into him.

Keeps a two-by-four close just in case. You post regularly, every week or two, where do you turn for your topics?

That is easy, for now. In working on the Demesne series, we are chatting up one thing or another and an idea just pops in. When the spots clear from behind the eyeballs and I blink again. I have a notion for something to put on the blog, I give it a few hours to a few days, and then put it to blog.

Very fluid, provided the spots clear. You often offer bits of writing advice, tips to get through a hump or insight into your proess. Do you ever feel intimidated writing those posts? Do you sometimes feel under-qualified?

Certainly not intimidated, at least now. Trying to come up with something for the first blog was, um, interesting. As for qualification. As they say in classes, “There are no silly questions.” Someone may have the same question or problems that I have run into. Hopefully my blogs give them insight into what they may encounter or a means to help them through a problem they are having. Maybe someone else can learn something from my ramblings.

It's true, we often have similar experiences and difficulties. Do you find one type of post receives a better response than another?

I do not believe that any one post has gotten more attention. Most of the comments are similar to the flavor of your responses to the blogs.

You work with your partner who I am more familiar with on twitter. Is this a team effort? Sort of a two-prong attack? I ask because that seems brilliant to me!

Dear, you take the left flank and I will take the right flank. Grin. Yes, my better half is doing her part in promoting as well as I. Only seemed logical, since she helps with the story. In hashing out what might be happening in a particular chapter, she will make some sly comment, and oops. It ended up in the story, on the blog or even out in the twitterverse.

The best sort of accident. How have you built your audience? Do you find your blog is allowing you to reach more people?

We are using the social medias, Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog site, in an attempt to reach others and grow a following. We think the my blogs are getting attention. Lets see, I do believe you found them interesting. So it would seem that the blog caught the attention of at least one person. I have succeeded! Grin.

 Building a following one blog at a time! Thank you so much, Steven. Voldamar has published three books in the Demesne series: Aithera, Valley of Mystery, and New Beginnings. Do you have any other questions for Steven or Detra? Ask!