Tuesday 29 May 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday-Buying Freedom

Stephanie ran from the man gripping her arm. Her jacket came off in hands, but she didn't look back.

"Let me see what you're hiding under there," he had said, making her shiver and her stomach turn with fear. She was racing away through puddle-lined streets, desperate to escape. The weather was unusual. Summers were dry and hot, but today was overcast with patches of rain scattered over the city.

She didn't stop running. The exertion made her blood hot, burned away the fear, kept her warm. Breaking free of the city, she found herself in a field outside, flowers blooming brightly and hills in every direction. The rain had stopped as she ran and single beams of sunlight shone through.

Was she safe? Would Luke try to catch her again? Her step-father was a horrible man, one she would be glad to see for the last time on her eighteenth birthday. Then she would get her share of her father's estate and leave forever. She would buy a farmhouse and never be crowded by buildings or men again.

The clouds parted for Stephanie and she danced through the field, the sun warm on her skin.

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