Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Forever

Amy stared at her left hand, at the brilliant diamond shining on her finger. She remembered the moment it had been placed there, when she had agreed to spend the rest of her life with one person. She had crushed on Dustin for years before he finally noticed her. Then it had taken seven more to convince him that she was worth his time. They’d been exclusive for three years after that before she’d nudged him toward proposing. Only nudged, she hadn’t pressured him or nagged. Just told him that he could move in with her; they could share financially as well as emotionally. He’d liked that and it had been the stepping stone to the previous Valentine’s Day. It hadn’t been her dream. He hadn’t taken her out somewhere special and surprised her with a ring in her wine or under her napkin or tucked away somewhere she would spot eventually. He had made dinner and pulled the box out with dessert, leaving it out while they ate. Then he asked and she said yes. It was supposed to be the beginning of their forever. Only her forever didn’t include Jody. She tugged the ring off, leaving it behind.

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