Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - More than meets the eye

Welcome to another Tantalizing Tuesday. Please visit the blog and enjoy all the tantalizing teasers.

Beatrice walked smoothly through the doorway, hand brushing the door, but not searching for it. Her foot made a graceful arc, ensuring the path was clear. One hand leisurely at her side, the other held a bowl full of roses. She couldn’t know they were white, but they smelled white.

She took sure steps to the bed and pulled something from beneath it. Her fingers ran quickly over the covers, making sure they were all straight. Then she set the tray in the middle and the roses atop that. Finally she took candles and candle sticks out of the bottom dresser drawer. Once they were in place beside the roses, she retrieved the matchbook. She struck a match just as the door opened. Perfect.

“Bea? Where are you?”


Familiar arms wrapped around Beatrice, pulling her close and breathing in her hair. She did the same, filling her nose and fingers with him.

“And where did you get this?” he asked, slipping a finger under one strap of her negligee.

Beatrice just giggled. “A girl can’t shop on her own?”

“Do you have any idea how good you look in it?”

Feeling him hard against her, she did.