Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #1

Dips toes into water

Just a taste, right? Even I can do that, right? Sure. Here's a sample from the second Blue Moon House prequel which I hope will release sometime this year. Currently called Gentleman, I think you can figure out why.

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Harrold sucked breath through his teeth. The belt was his own, removed from the trousers he still wore. His shirt formed a white pool in the corner and his black jacket hung from the bedpost.
Crack. Creak.
The wood of the bedpost groaned as Harrold pulled on the hemp rope securing his hands on the other side. However, he fought the pain and the desire to scream.
The burning intensified and a scream erupted, echoing off the walls. He heard the door open and looked over his shoulder, panting as the pain leaked away.
“Still alive in here?” the mistress of the house asked. She clicked her tongue. “You broke the skin, Miranda. I'm sorry, sir. I'll bring bandages.”
The girl dropped the belt in a clatter, running to untie his hands. Her normally dusky complexion was white with red lines tracking her cheeks.
Harrold seized her hands as soon as his were free. “I asked. You did nothing wrong. Thank you.”
“I-I can't do this, Harry. I'm not- I'm weak.”
He smiled, brown eyes dancing in relief and joy. “Your arm felt strong a minute ago.”
She squeaked and more tears fell.
“Go collect yourself, Miranda,” Delores, the Madam, ordered. Cool wet cloths were spread on his back. “Mister Long, that is the third girl you've made a blubbering mess.”

“If I must, I'll find another house.” There were several brothels that would be glad of his business.

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