Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Sand

Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday. There are many more 200 word teases for you on the blog.

The day had been full. The long shadows cast by Nikki and Maddy’s toes disappeared into the waves. Maddy used her stick, as she had several times to etch letters in the sand. Each one was washed away by the surf soon after she had made it. It was as short-lived as their time here. As short-lived as Diane’s time.
Nikki grabbed for Maddy’s hand, grief welling up for the first time that day. She had done so well, enjoyed so much, not the least the woman who accompanied her.

Maddy wrapped her arms around Nikki’s bony shoulders. She’d lost so much weight to her grief. Maddy worried that she would waste away completely.

“Shhh, love. You know she wouldn’t want this.”

Nikki sniffled. “I know, but she should be here.” Nikki’s hand drifted across her belly.

“She is somewhere better,” Maddy tried to assure her.

“I could go with her.”

It wasn’t the first suicidal statement, but Maddy heard the difference now. It wasn’t a threat, it wasn’t a consideration, it was wishful thinking. It was the same way Maddy had once said, “I could buy a sports car.” 

Maddy put the stick in Nikki’s hand and drew.