Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - Making it

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“Hey, Jenna, what are you-“ Linda cut off, seeing Jenna with her nose inches from a stack of photographs. With a heavy sigh, she came into Jenna’s room. “Girl, you have to get over it.” She put her hand in the scant space between Jenna and the photograph of her holding hands while skateboarding beside Charlie. “It’s been three months. He isn’t coming back. Come out with me tonight. I promise light-hearted fun and no set ups.” Linda had tried to pair Jenna up once since Charlie walked out on her and knew better than to try that again.

Jenna looked up and help Linda’s gaze. “With Penelope?” she asked.

Linda frowned slightly. “Well, no. We’re off again. I mean, no hard feelings, not like you, just…going our separate ways.”

“Oh.” She looked down again for a minute. “Can we stay in?”

Linda sat beside Jenna on her bed and pulled the stack of photos out of her hands. “Whatever you like. Tequila shots, beers, pizza, red velvet cupcakes, you want it, I’ll get it or make it.”

“Make it,” Jenna whispered. Then she leaned over and pressed her lips to Linda’s, gently and with trepidation.

“I can make that.”