Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday Tasters - Gentleman #5

Still sharing the opening scenes of Gentleman. I hope you will visit all the other authors offering their own taste. Thursday Tasters Blog

After a lunch with several other businessmen, Harrold had charge of a new ledger, which he worked on late into the evening. Detouring on his way home, he gave Delores the bad news.
“Both Veronica and my employer have need of me Thursday. I will come later, but I'm sorry to say I'll be at the Baskins' party for hours.”
“I'm sorry to hear that. She is quite selective. I will tell her, though. Thank you for letting me know. Are you coming in?” She stepped aside.
“I have had nothing to eat and am famished.”
Delores pursed her lips. “I might feed you, if you earned it.”
Remembering his last exchange with the older woman, he twitched in his pants. “What services would you require?”
“Oh, hot and dirty work.” Her eyes shone with a smile she prevented from reaching her lips.
“I'm afraid I have no work clothes.”
“Well, then you shall simply have to shed what you wear.” She turned her back, paced down the hall, and snapped her fingers.
Harrold dashed to her side. Veronica wouldn't miss him.
Delores led him to a door he had never been through. He had sampled all of Delores' girls, even tested that Miranda was ready for the life she'd entered. In all that time, he had seen every boudoir, each with slightly different decor. Delores' room was like none of them.

“Go on,” she urged. “You won't want to ruin your clothing. I'll fetch your food, for incentive.” She did smile and somehow made it seem menacing.
Harrold hurried to remove his clothes once she closed the door. His cock was already hard and aching from her implications, her haughty stare, and her commanding tone. Why had he never paid her more attention?
The room was warm and cheery, very feminine with lace and frills throughout. The girls' rooms tended to be more wood and gilding, but here, every surface was dressed, with the exception of a bare patch of floor where all the carpets ended, and a stretch of wall behind it. The austerity was noteworthy against all the other furnishings.
Delores returned, the smell of hot beef and gravy wafting to Harrold and making him salivate. He didn't notice he'd taken position on the bare floor until she said, “Perfect.” Sliding the plate onto a bedside table, she added, “Now kneel.”
He hesitated. For some reason his knees locked, offended at the idea of bowing to a whore. She picked up his belt from where he'd dropped it and lashed him on the chest with it. His member bobbed as it hardened further. He collapsed to his knees.
“Better,” she said, dropping the belt. He started when she closed a manacle on one of his wrists. “This is where I break the girls who will not bend.” A second cold metal cuff followed the first. Harrold craned his neck and saw the chains attached to the stone behind him. “I have hot and dirty work for you.” She raised her skirts and stepped forward, pushing his head back as her crotch smothered him. “Start working. The more you do, the more food I will give you.”
Harrold sunk into the furred lips that covered his mouth, puffing air through his nose. He nipped and kissed for a moment before using his tongue. He'd rarely done this with the girls, most often sampling them while they used their mouths on him. He wasn't practiced and Delores was not musky and wet as the girls had been. That was quickly changing.
His cock continued to throb and longed for a hand, a mouth or, best of all, a woman to wrap around it. Instead, he was working to pleasure the woman he paid for sex. The irony was not lost on him, but neither was the joy of doing it, particularly when she took his hair in her fist, jamming him further between her legs until his tongue was coated in her.
“Yes,” she cried at last, rocking her hips into his chin. She stepped back and stumbled, falling to the carpet before him. He could really see now what he had been licking and sucking just a moment ago: her dark short curls were spread by the rich, pink skin glistening between.
He groaned, fighting the chains to touch her, to touch himself. The smell and taste of her still filled his nostrils and mouth.
After a quick chuckle, Delores slid her ass forward, bringing it in reach of his now dripping cock. “Time to finish the job,” she said, grabbing his shoulders for balance while wrapping her legs around his waist.
He pulled on the chains, wanting to hold her, to fuck her. Instead, he was at her whim, subject to her thrusts, her time. She would rise on her feet and bob on the barest tip of him, taunting, and then thrust down, encasing him.
Eventually she couldn't play any longer as her slick heat had the inevitable result. She sank down and ground her hips into his, seeming to climax with him.
“Harry, Lynn is going to adore you.”
He dropped his head while Delores released the manacles.
“I'm sorry,” she said, lifting his chin with a finger. “I'm sure we'll arrange something. Go on and eat.”
His frown disappeared as he sprinted to the plate, tearing into the beef with his teeth. Delores ran a hand over his cheek.

“My poor, caged man. Lynn will free you,” she murmured, almost too quietly for Harrold to hear. More than ever, he wished he could be here Thursday.