Tuesday 8 July 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - The Truth

Another Tuesday, another tease. Mine isn't as spicy as what you will find on the blog, but I hope you like it anyway.

Hannah was sure she was supposed to feel different. After all, her life had completely changed, hadn’t it? She wasn’t a child any longer, moving out on her own. She wasn’t a student, opting to do rather than learn. She was completely responsible for herself. Shouldn’t that all mean something? Wasn’t she supposed to feel grown up? She didn’t feel any different at all. She wasn’t scared.

“There’s my girl,” Dustin said, coming and taking her hand. “Got room for me?”

She smiled at the boy beside her, the one that had taken her to the prom. She wasn’t a virgin any longer either. That in itself didn’t feel different. It had been two months later when she had any real indication that things had changed. She ran her hand over her belly. She still didn’t quite believe the test results. She didn’t feel pregnant.

Dustin gave her hand a squeeze. He knew the result and this was his response. He would follow her. And yet, she was on her own.

 “Always,” she said with a smile. Maybe she could be responsible for someone else now. Maybe it wouldn’t be that hard.

And maybe she was lying to herself.