Monday, 14 September 2015

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From the R.B. Wood and the home of the Word Count Podcast:

Five years and 49 previous episodes in the making, seven authors join me this week to celebrate a WCP milestone. The theme is simple:
“Fifty” But before we introduce our cadre of writers, a bit about the show:
What is The Word Count Podcast?
It is a free broadcast by writers for writers. Simply put, a theme for each show is announced via this site, Twitter and Facebook and writers are given a week or two to write AND RECORD their stories based on said theme.
Why not, says I. It’s a great way to practice writing and public speaking. It’s another way for writers to get their work “out there.” And I love to meet fellow authors and have a blast putting the show together. It’s just that simple.
Okay. Where can I find it?
You can listen to the latest podcast below, subscribe via iTunes or listen at the show’s site.
Our guests this week:

Matthew Munson “The Next Chapter”
V. Winifred “Roses for Dummies”
C. Thomas Smith ”Grace”
Angelica Dawson “Fifty”
Cameron Garriepy “A Gilded Promise”
Bill Kirton “Numbers”
Eden Baylee “50 and Single”

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