Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday Tasters: Pandora 31

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Before setting out, Russel informed his father of what he had seen, both his princess and the other.
“And you are sure it is real? It could be a trap laid by her and the witch.”
Russel shook his head. “It's too...ordinary. Half the time they aren't doing anything. I don't think they intend for me to be able to see them.”
King Gowan rubbed his chin. “And you think the second princess might be suitable for Marcus?”
“It doesn't hurt to try, does it? He can come with me and if everything fails, he can still come back and marry a woman you choose.”
Gowan nodded, considering. “Why haven't you already left, then?” he asked
“I need something to wake the girl. The witch had a bean that was the antidote, but I don't know what sort or where she gets them.”
Gowan stroked his chin again. “I might have a solution to that.” He rose and called in one of his advisers. “Please take Prince Russel to see Jack. If anyone has seen your magic bean, it'll be him.”
Gowan turned back, focusing on the women at the edge of court who made eyes at their king. “Let me know when you are ready to set out,” he muttered, stalking like a cat toward prey.