Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday Tasters: Pandora 30

Check out all the great tasters on the blog. If you want whole story, what I have is available on WattPad.

“What would you know about Princesses?” Russel asked. He glanced across the room and saw his wife reflected in a sliver platter hanging on the wall. She wasn't in the fortress, though. He rose and made his way over to it.
Marcus answered, not seeing his brother's change of attention. “I know that Father will try to find one for me.”
Pandora was surrounded by short, dark dwarves, a dozen or more. What really caught his interest, though, was the woman laying atop an ornate altar stone, covered in a thin net, like veil. She wore ordinary clothes, but was too beautiful for a peasant girl. Dwarves. Where were there dwarves?
If Marcus woke her, he might be able to claim her, just as Russel had. They would have to find another of those beans. In any case, the dwarves would lead him back to the Princess, and this time, he wouldn't let her go until she had bowed to him.
“I'm going to the mountains,” he declared, turning his back on his brother.
“Safe travels,” Marcus replied, still not looking up.