Wednesday, 9 September 2015

#MidWeekTease - Alpha Shifter Seduction, Not Your Bitch

Today I wanted to tease you with a snippet from my contribution to a fabulous box set. Alpha Shifter Seductions contains a dozen short stories/novellas about the men and women who change shape. Many are fated couples, some are convenient or inconvenient pairings. Mine is one of the latter. I'll let the poster say it for me.

Here's my tease:
“Oh?” she asked, her voice louder than she expected. “And do one of you have the guy that's going to take his place? Who wants me?”
Linc seemed to appear from nowhere at the side of the table. “I thought I already answered that question.” He sounded so angry, so violent, that Zoe cowered against Sarah.
He ground his teeth, his eyes boring into her, and the sensation of being pulled down as prey returned. It fled quickly when he stalked off.
“Holy shit, Zoe. I think he means it. Does he have a friend or something?” Anna turned her head to the side in an appraising gaze Zoe had seen before. She couldn't say she'd taken any time to look at Linc's ass. She'd gotten hooked on his golden-brown eyes and those curls of chest hair she saw the first time she met him.
Her hand went to her face. She'd been blushing before, but felt clammy now.
Sarah hugged her shoulders. “You have to do something.”


Linc cursed himself on every stair he climbed, and he'd done the full six flights without breaking a sweat. He turned around and plowed down again. It was the only way to keep from erupting. Elliot was such a complete waste of breath. It was taking all Linc's concentration to not hunt him down and rip his throat out.
He reached the top flight again without really noticing he'd turned around. Now he was breathing heavily. What had come over him? He hadn't been like this since he was Wash's age. Normally he only got worked up like this the week before the moon. It was still two weeks away.
He pattered down and found Zoe standing at the bottom staring at him.
“I didn't mean to scare you,” he said.
She nodded but didn't speak. “I'd like to say you didn't, but you'd know I was lying.” She didn't meet his gaze, looking at her feet. “What did you mean to do?” she asked, looking up at him through lowered lashes.
Linc licked his lips. Kill your abusive boyfriend? Scare you into sanity? Mark my territory?
Where the fuck had that come from?

Alpha Shifter Seductions is available for preorder now and will release on September 29th.