Friday 1 April 2016

An April Fool - Flasher Fiction Friday

I couldn't resist a teasing flash today. I hope you like it. Be sure to check out the others from the blog.

Jasmine twirled for Danny, lifting her shirt enough to reveal the small of her back. His mouth fell open in shock.
“You didn’t!”
“Didn’t I? I mean, I thought this was forever.”
Danny pointed to the large bubble font proclaiming his ownership of that hot body. He was exhilarated and terrified simultaneously; his heart thundering in his ears.
Jasmine looked over her shoulder and doubled over in laughter. She yanked off her shirt and returned with a wash cloth. “You’re an April Fool.”
Danny put his head between his knees in relief as she revealed the tasteful design beneath his name.

What is not an April Fools joke is the imminent release of Beyond the Veil, or the freely available precursor, Under the Veil. Make sure you snap them up!

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