Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Signing and Shopping #TantalizingTuesday #Lesbian #Japanese

Yuki definitely has Eiko on her mind. Don't forget to read all the other teasers on the blog.

Yuki put a finishing stroke on her calligraphy. In a single evening, she had not only caught up on all her classwork, but worked ahead so that the next morning, she could indulge herself. It had been months since she picked up her brush and inkstone.
After a little research, she took a stab at the Kanji for Eiko. She put her own name beside and slightly below. It wasn’t her best work, but she was out of practice. It wasn’t terrible either, and Yuki hoped it was nice enough to hang.
Leaving the paper to dry, Yuki went walking. Passing through the market, she noted a store that she had avoided up until now. Yuki would never have bought such a thing for herself, but she loved the idea of using a toy to please Eiko. The first items neither intimidated nor interested her, however, the next shelves were filled with facsimile penises, too masculine. Some toys were shaped like fingers or hands, but Yuko passed by those as well. Her nose and cheeks started to burn and throb. Finally, near the register, she found the vibrating wands and bullets. She selected one shaped like an egg.