Tuesday 5 April 2016

#TantalizingTuesday Mutually Assured Satisfaction #Lesbian #Japanese

Eiko and Yuki are reveling in one another and here they share mutual pleasure to the point of weariness. Don't forget to read all the other teasers on the blog.

Eiko pulled her hand away, taking Yuki’s and placing it on the curly red hair between Eiko’s legs.
Yuki blinked in surprise. When had she taken off her pants? Her momentary confusion was quickly forgotten. Eiko was hot and wet, just like Yuki. Using one finger to probe the other woman’s slick sex, Yuki’s knees fell open and Eiko pushed her finger into Yuki.
Arching her back, Yuki did come to a small release riding that finger. Eiko held still while Yuki bucked only allowing her hips to sway when Yuki’s finger began to enter her. After a deep breath to calm herself, Yuki made sure to give Eiko an equal pleasure. The feel of her wetness was exquisite. If Yuki had still harbored any illusion that she wasn’t lesbian, they were destroyed in that moment. When Eiko trembled and then slumped to the futon beside her, Yuki knew there could be no better feeling in the world. Wrapping her arm around Eiko’s shoulders, Yuki kissed her. She kicked off her pants and tangled their legs together.
“I love you,” Yuki whispered.
“I love you,” Eiko echoed.
Both women closed their eyes, only for a moment, but soon both were asleep.