Saturday, 16 April 2016

Our Sexy Vacation ~ Investor @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS137

Happy Saturday! I don't have a vacation that I can recall, but I do have a significant journey. Here are seven paragraphs in which Terrance tries to convince his vampire friends to travel with him to America.

“You need to go somewhere you won't be recognized. Do you think any of your kind have been to America?”
All eyes widened at the suggestion. The vampires immediately began whispering, their words fast and hard to hear. Terrance addressed Kate. “I don't imagine Crane would chase you all the way to America. You could start fresh, as so many do there.”
She smiled back at him. “I can't say the idea of sailing so far doesn't frighten me. I think I can overcome it. What will I do there?”
“What you can. I won't turn you out the moment we arrive. You can stay with me until you find a place.”
Kate shook her head. “You are too good to me. I will owe you so much.”
The whispering stopped. “The trip will be very difficult for us,” Sophia told him. “Not only will we be confined during the day, we will only have you to feed on. We might...err.” Sophia's eyes shifted to her companions who both looked uneasy.
“If Kate comes, and there are two of us, that will make it easier, right?”

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  1. Great snippet. I'd love to find out if Crane chases her to America

  2. Sounds like it's going to be an interesting trip. Tweeted.

  3. Only person they can feed on - hmm - not the position I'd like to be in.

  4. That definitely makes for an interesting situation.

  5. Vampires Coming To America...sounds like this would make a very good movie.


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