Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Where did you go? #TantalizingTuesday #Lesbian #Japanese

This Tuesday we take a down turn. Don't forget to read all the other teasers on the blog.

Yuki expected to run into Eiko in the afternoon and was disappointed when the redhead didn’t appear. She spotted Mina, however, and decided to take a chance and ask.
The elegant Mina was talking with a very handsome young man, one dressed to show he came from a rich family. Yuki would never address someone so obviously above her class, but Mina had no such impediment. Yuki would have let them pass without interruption, but she was too eager to spend time with Eiko.
“Good day, Kita-san,” Yuki said, greeting Mina. “Sempai,” she murmured, bowing to the gentleman. He didn’t answer and Mina’s countenance went from open and friendly to angry in the time it took Yuki to say hello.
“I don’t know you,” she accused.
“I know,” Yuki stammered, “but I wondered if you could tell me where your sister is.” She didn’t meet either Mina’s or the man’s gaze, her eyes fixed on her shoes.
“I am not my sister’s keeper,” she snapped, walking away. Before leaving earshot, Yuki heard Mina’s voice return to the soft, laughing tone it had had before crossing paths. Yuki wasn’t sure what to make of Mina’s response.

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