Wednesday 27 April 2016

#MidWeekTease - Blue Moon House Vampire #BDSM #Paranormal

Happy Hump Day! What's a Wednesday with out a MidWeekTease? I'm sharing another snippet from the upcoming Blue Moon House volume. Here is Nicholas exerting his dominance on George.

Nicholas stopped and George halted next to him. “Where are we headed, George?”
“Where would you like to go?”
Memories surfaced in Nicholas' mind, lovers and prey. Those that wanted to surrender their bodies, their very lives. He had taken them of necessity in the past. He didn't want to kill George, and not only because he hated killing. Sophia had opened her house to him. It would be poor payment to kill her clients.
Nicholas took hold of George's arms and pushed him up against the lamppost. The man's chest heaved and his brown eyes widened in surprise. Not fear, though, anticipation. His face lit up and seemed to glow with lamplight. His breath came in large pants and his eyes fluttered shut, long lashes reaching his cheeks.
Nicholas leaned into him, his lips sealing on the other mans'. His face was soft, smooth. He hadn't seemed particularly young, but had no whiskers at all. George's arms rose to find Nicholas' sides.
“Keep your hands down,” he told George in a whisper, continuing to play with the man. He slipped his hands beneath his waistband.
Nicholas backed up in surprise. The man had a penis, but it was so small it seemed...impossible.
George's eyes filled with tears. “Thank you, sir. I underst—”
Nicholas stopped the apology by locking once more in a kiss. He pulled George's hat from his head and let it fall to the street beside them. He curled his fingers into George's hair and pulled. “I am going to make your tiny cock burn, little man. You will cry again for me.”
“Yes, sir,” he said in agreement, his head falling back against the post.
Nicholas pulled it up again. “You will watch me as I do.”
“Yes, sir,” George agreed, his eyes locking on Nicholas' “You have amazing eyes,” he murmured, his lips parting in a breathy pant as Nicholas stroked him to hardness. Though thin, it grew long enough and Nicholas continued to stroke, his hand releasing George's hair to slide a finger down the back of his pants, pulling him closer.
“Do you like a nice big cock here?” he asked, rubbing a finger over the man's quivering hole. Nicholas' eye caught a bystander, watching in a mix of horror and interest. As soon as he was spotted, the observer fled.
George had no knowledge of the witness.“Yes, sir. I would love to feel your cock there.”
“I bet you would.” Nicholas didn't delve in, reaching further to the man's balls. There were none. Was that why he was so small, so feminine? Nicholas didn't let the lack bother him, and continued to give George what he wanted.
“Are you watching, George? Your eyes keep closing, watch now.” He continued to stroke and pull the man closer. George would be able to feel Nicholas' erection against his hip and thigh, know that the idea of fucking this man made Nicholas hard and needy.
“Take me,” he said, pleading.
“Give it to me,” Nicholas demanded, crushing the man in his grip, letting his finger slip into his ass at last.
“Oh, Lord,” George cried, his knees bending as he throbbed in Nicholas' hand.