Wednesday, 15 February 2017

#MidWeekTease A Valentine for Two ~ Old Flame Burns Again.

Happy day-after-Valentine's. I hope you're all pleasantly sore. *snicker* Yesterday, A Valentine for Two, a menage boxed set, released and I wanted to share an 'after Valentine's' moment from my inclusion, Old Flame Burns Again.

A knock came at the door while Diane moved a meat pie from the fridge to the oven. She’d picked it up at the farmer’s market on the weekend, a special treat for today.
“Can you get it?” Her voice echoed oddly, distorted by the oven.
I’d already gotten up to do just that. At first I opened it just a crack, expecting a boy or girl scout fundraiser. I saw the right side of Lisa’s face, her brown hair curly on her shoulder.
“Lisa!” I flung the door open and grabbed her in a hug. The grocery bag she held flipped around and hit me in the back. “What are you doing here?”
She pulled back and lifted the bag. “It’s steak and BJ day.”
I turned to Diane in the kitchen, but she looked as confused as I felt.
“It’s Pi day,” I said. “March 14. Three point one four.”
It was Lisa’s turn to look confused. “Pi? Like circles?”
I nodded.
“Oh, well it’s also Steak and Blow Job day.”
Diane covered her mouth, but she still spluttered with laughter. “You brought steak.”
“Yeah. I also have the BJ.” She gave me a sly smile and ran her hand down the front of my jeans. I hadn’t been hard a moment ago.

Just four more weeks until... Pi day, yeah, that's it. LOL Be sure to check out all the other teasers!


  1. Love their teasing!! :)

  2. Pi or Pie's... it doesn't really matter - but that the BJ part, now that's what I'm talking about? Do we get that next week *GRIN*

  3. but the BJ part, now that's what I'm talking about! (That was how it was supposed to read). I need more coffee!

  4. Lol, fun tease :-)

  5. Steak and BJ Day -- that should be a Federal holiday! Great tease, Angelica!

  6. Great teaser - love pi day, clever! (well, and BJ day is a given :) )


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