Wednesday, 1 February 2017

#MidWeekTease Old Flame Burns Again #menage #romance #valentines

It's February, which means it's quickly approaching Valentines Day. So this week, I'm sharing a teaser from Old Flame Burns Again, my contribution to A Valentine for Two, a menage boxed set releasing on the 14th. It is available for pre-order now, and the 99cent price is for a limited time only. Don't miss this smokin' set!

I kissed her neck as I fastened the chain on her Valentine’s gift. We’d put off celebrating my recent promotion, allowing me to both surprise her and celebrate the holiday in style.
My kiss didn’t stop there. The wide neck exposed part of her shoulder too, and I nibbled my way along it, hands sliding down around her hips and pulling them flush against me. My cock throbbed in my dress pants and her shifting against it made me ache.
“Mm, Di.”
She nudged me with her hip instead, bumping my erection just hard enough to make me wince. “We’ll be late.”
“Not if you lean on the vanity.” Grinning, I squatted and drew my hands up the outside of her legs, lifting her skirt to rub myself against her panties.
Craning her neck to look over her shoulder, she smirked. “You really can’t wait?”
“Nope.” I unfastened myself, but didn’t draw down her underwear. “I mean, I’d have to wait through all of dinner.” I reached around to slide my hand over her pelvis and between her legs. “And dessert.” I rubbed her. “And the wine.”
The more I teased her, the brighter her cheeks became. Her hips moved against my hand and she cussed. “Damn, Ben.”
“Yes? You like?” Pushing my fingers under her panties, I stretched them toward her intimate skin.
“Yes, take me.”
Growling into her shoulder, I yanked the panties down. Using my hand for guidance, I rubbed my wet tip against the crack of her ass, burying myself between her cheeks.
“Not there,” she complained as I prodded her ass.
“Not my plan,” I assured her, pushing myself down and forward. “Lean over more.”
She did as I asked, the mirror giving me a lovely view right down the front of her dress. Her black bra cupped her perfectly, just as I wished to do with my hands. Her ass coming up allowed my cock to go down, snagging on her pussy. With a quick thrust, I pushed through her wet channel.
“Yeah,” she moaned, leaning back and driving me deeper.
“Yeah,” I agreed.


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