Tuesday 31 January 2017

#TantalizingTuesday Oni 2 #Japanese

Happy Tuesday! I'm continuing to share from Oni, my demon redemption story with a Japanese flair. I hope you enjoy it!

Hotaru bowed her head to the new shrine, one dedicated to the father she had never known. She prayed his soul found solace with her ancestors. Then she snatched up her handbag and hurried from her room.
Her foster family was in a similar state of haste, grabbing breakfast and bento on their way to trains or school.
“Good morning, Hotaru,” her mother called.
“Bye!” She kept running to make her train. She had to find a new place.
Since learning her true identity, she had lived with Chiba family but didn’t feel part of it. She had been looking for months, but her wages were meager and good roommates were not easy to find.
“Excuse me,” a man said, moving past her on the platform. He was tall, very tall, nearly seven feet. His head and shoulders were above the rest of the crowd. He wore sunglasses and a hat, his skin a bright dark pink, no doubt sensitive to the sun.
Hotaru chided herself for staring, even though many others stared for longer. He didn’t speak to anyone else, ducking to enter the train car. Hotaru wasn’t able to find a seat. She never did.

Ray Sostre - J S Morbius - Angelica Dawson - Sandie Buckley - Doris OConnor - Raven McAllan: