Wednesday 11 January 2017

#MidWeekTease - Woman's Best Friend #shifter #bdsm #olderwoman #erotic #romance #paranormal #99cents

Welcome to another Wednesday! This week, I'm thrilled to share the release of my novella Woman's Best Friend, which was originally included in the Alpha Shifters After Dark boxed set. It's the story of a dog shifter who falls for a dominant older female with a special way with dogs. Little does he know that she hasn't had a partner since her previous "puppy" and husband passed away, nor that it isn't the typical, vanilla relationship that she longs to have again. I hope you enjoy this tease and consider picking up a copy!

Loren opted for a dark blue button down shirt with a bit of sheen and a pair of black dress pants. The Licwid Lounge was up-class and he didn’t stand out as he would in jeans. He saw a large group to one side, and as they milled, he spied Judy among them.
A woman greeted him as he approached and he recognized her as Crystal from the sex shop. “Hi! I’m Crystal. Welcome to the munch.”
“Munch?” he asked, confused.
“You are here for the lifestyle, right? There’s no pressure or anything, just checking you’re in the right place.”
Judy wrapped an arm around Crystal’s shoulders. “He’s in the right place. He wants to learn more about BDSM. Don’t you, Loren?”
As startled as he was, it would have been easy to see her smile as a sneer or mocking. Instead, it was slightly sad, pitying.
“Loren, follow me,” she said crooking a finger and moving around the edge of the group. Judy wore heels which made her just a bit taller than him. He wasn’t used to looking up at a woman, but he wouldn’t complain about having his eyes a little closer to her cleavage. She wore a sheer black top over a red strapless bodice. The skirt and stockings were familiar and he followed on instinct. 
“This seemed the easiest way to explain. I lost my husband and my sub six years ago. I haven’t dated because I’m not looking for vanilla and I haven’t been ready to commit to a new sub.”
Loren swallowed. “I-I…”
“It wasn’t fair to drop it on you like this, but I was a bit miffed at you stalking me.”
“I wasn’t stalking.”
“Fine. Now that you know, you don’t have to stay.”
Loren’s stomach sank. “You want me to go?”
The next smile was small, shy. “I didn’t say that.” She looked over her friends. “On the other hand, this probably isn’t the best place to get to know each other. Come by the pet shop again tomorrow, I’m working late.”
“Sure. So, I came here for?”
“Well, what do you know about BDSM?”
“Tying people up, spanking.”
“You might want to widen your perspective. This is a friendly get-together. A chance for us to chat and newcomers get to know us. Just talk. If you want to stay and chat, you are welcome. If you aren’t open to that, well, think about that before you approach me again. This is what I’m looking for, what I need.”
He nodded. “Okay, I got it. I’ll stick around a little bit.”
“Good,” she said, smiling.
“I really like that skirt,” he said before turning and letting Judy direct him.
“Hmm, let’s see. There.” She pointed to a group of women. “That’s a good place to start.”
“Uh, okay.” She didn’t push him but stayed at his side until he reached them.
“Hey, girls. This is Loren. He’d considering becoming a sub. Give him some ideas without scaring him away?” she asked, smirking.
They all giggled. “We’ll try,” one answered. They picked up their conversation as though he wasn’t there. The same girl whispered to him. “We aren’t ignoring you, but this is the easiest way to learn.”
He nodded, curious about the rituals they were discussing. If this was BDSM, he wouldn’t have any trouble. Showering and changing before play, cleaning the house to benefit their master, even cooking which he was terrible at, were things he could picture himself doing. He liked routines and that seemed to be exactly what these women—and two guys—were describing.

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