Tuesday 10 January 2017

Woman's Best Friend Release Day! #new #99cents #erotic #romance #bdsm

It's release day! If you've already pre-ordered, this is the day you can pick up your copy. If you haven't, now's the time to snag this sexy read for yourself.

In this steamy and unique shapeshifter romance, Loren has kept his full moons a secret since a wild dog bit him. When he instinctively obeys a dog trainer, he realizes the dog may be more than an occasional part of him.
Judy can tell him to sit and stay, as long as she doesn’t ask him to go.

And here's a hot excerpt to whet your appetite!

They chatted like that for over an hour. He learned about Phil, her husband and sub, and Damon and Rufus, their two dogs. He asked after Bruno.
“I’m not ready for another dog,” she said, sipping her coffee. “Damon kept me company for a few years after Phil passed, but I don’t want to replace him. That’s why I foster and train instead. I also have so many furry friends at the store to look after. I only notice on the long days off.”
“When do you think you’ll be ready for another pet?”
She bristled for a second, looking him over carefully. “Oh, you meant a four-legged one. Soon, I hope.”
“Two-legged,” he murmured. “You don’t feel ready for a new sub?”
Judy shrugged. “I haven’t been looking very hard. Every time someone new joins the community, Crystal or someone else tries to push him on me. So far, none of them have sparked even a glimmer of excitement for me.”
“What about me?” He cringed as soon as he asked it, bracing for rejection.
She looked him over again. “You’re different,” she said after a long pause. “You came to me. You weren’t foisted on me or felt you were doing me a favor, or wanted anything but me.” She let out a sigh. “But I just don’t know if I’m ready yet.”
Loren got up and crouched in front of her. “I don’t need a yes right now,” he told her, running his hand over her bare knee and feeling how soft her skin was. “I’m also not looking for a commitment; not yet anyway. We can take things as slow as you need. I’m happy to just meet you like this for coffee. Please, don’t push me away. There’s something about you.” He leaned forward, his hand sliding up the outside of her thigh over her skirt. He rose slightly so he could look her in the eye. When he was close enough that all he needed to do was purse his lips to kiss her, he whispered. “Something that echoes in my soul.”
He sighed and sat back on his heels. How lame was that?
Judy bent over and took his cheeks in both hands, planting her lips on his. She held that kiss long enough that he felt her trembling. Slowly, she broke the seal between their mouths, but stayed close enough that their noses touched.
“I noticed you obeying my commands, even when they weren’t directed at you. It made me want you, want this, despite what my heart sometimes says. I’m letting my fear get in the way, and that isn’t fair to either of us. I want to see you again, Loren.”
He surged forward, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her again. It was wild this time, his tongue fighting with hers for dominance. She actually bit his tongue and he gasped, his mouth opened for her. The next bite caught his lip and she rolled her teeth over it. She also reached down his back and took hold of his ass, pulling him closer.
It was strange to not be in control of what she did to him. He’d never been one to take a backseat in love-making, but there was something about it, with Judy, that turned him on. He was straining against the seam in his pants, his hard on impossible to ignore.
“Stop,” she whispered. Then more loudly she commanded, “Down.”
He obeyed without thinking, sitting back and looking up at her. Her breasts were heaving with her breaths. She wrapped her arms around herself, shaking slightly. “God, you look good there,” she admitted, running a hand through his hair, scratching his scalp behind his ear and low on his neck. He sighed and leaned into it. He was sure his tongue was hanging out and closed his mouth to be sure it wasn’t.