Tuesday, 17 January 2017

#TantalizingTuesday - Woman's Best Friend #bdsm #paranormal #romance #erotic

I'm a couple weeks late, but I hope to participate on Tuesday for the rest of 2017! It's great to be back with the authors here. I decided to kick the year off with 200 words from my latest release, Woman's Best Friend.

In this steamy and unique shapeshifter romance, Loren has kept his full moons a secret since a wild dog bit him. When he instinctively obeys a dog trainer, he realizes the dog may be more than an occasional part of him.

Judy can tell him to sit and stay, as long as she doesn’t ask him to go.

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And here are 200 words and accompanying photo.

“I’m Loren, by the way,” he said, extending a hand.
“Judy,” she said shaking it. Her grip was firm, fitting for the large woman. She wasn’t stocky, just tall. Gray strands threaded through her chestnut hair and he had to admire her for not coloring it. He didn’t know if he’d do the same at her age.
“What are you doing when you’re finished walking Bruno?” he asked.
She frowned and appraised him. He felt smaller and dirtier as she did so. Of course, he still had dust and mud from the worksite on his rough clothes. He hadn’t gone home to change yet.
“I don’t think so,” she said, turning to walk away.
“Wait, Judy,” he said, taking the opportunity to check out that ass.
“Will you reconsider? I can clean up and meet you somewhere. I just got off work.” He ran a hand through his hair and felt the grit coating his hand, making him cringe.
Judy licked her lips. “Thank you, but no. Perhaps someone your own age?” she said with a quirk to her mouth.
He narrowed his eyes but couldn’t come up with another argument. Instead, he watched impotently as she walked away.


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