Wednesday 4 January 2017

#MidWeekTease Old Flame Burns Again a #Valentine for two #menage

Happy Holidays! For this week's MidWeekTease, I'm offering another tease from my contribution to the menage boxed set A Valentine for Two which is available for pre-order!

11 BRAND NEW, stand-alone contemporary romance ménage novellas by USA Today and Internationally Bestselling authors.

Cupid's arrow didn’t miss his mark with this LIMITED TIME box set featuring sexy, alpha males and the sassy, strong females who love them.

Here's some hot threesome action from Old Flame Burns Again, where Lisa joins Ben and Diane in their bed.

My hands were on her hips but she pulled one behind her. I brushed Lisa's hip where she must have been sitting.
It took a lot of stretching to reach Lisa behind her. I grabbed Diane's hips and slid us so I could rest my back on the headboard. Now I could reach around her easily, and I did, my fingers tracing the crack of her ass and making her shiver on me.
"Yes," she whispered. Then she leaned back and grabbed the dildo, putting it in my hand. "Hop on, Lisa." Diane smiled at her friend over her shoulder.
Lisa scrambled over, pulling the lube from the drawer, and I felt part of the glob hit my hand. Then she was astride me as well, behind my wife. Her hands reached around Diane, cupping her breasts. Diane's hands roamed my chest and stomach and she leaned over to kiss me. The two bobbed in sync, and the whole bed shifted with us. Lisa's hand drifted down to tease Diane's clit. Our kiss broke as she leaned back into Lisa.
Lisa was able to concentrate far too well on my wife. I started moving the toy inside her, twisting and pumping as she rode. She groaned and her head fell to Di's shoulder.

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