Tuesday 24 January 2017

#TantalizingTuesday Oni 1

I thought I'd dip back into my Japan fascination for this Tuesday. Here's a story about a demon (Oni) and the beautiful girl that is the last descendant of the traitor he seeks to punish. It's a Beauty&Beast, Demon Redemption story. I hope you like it!

Hotaka licked his red lips and opened the hidden third eye in his forehead. Through it he could see the man’s soul, bright and clean, very different from that of his generations old grandfather, the one that had betrayed Hotaka, then Aki Suzuki, to the Emperor. Karasu-san had blamed Aki Suzuki for his own treasonous actions, resulting in Aki’s death. Since then, Hotaka had searched for every member of the Karasu line.
The man knelt, weeping, pleading for mercy. Hotaka let him do so, even though nothing would convince him to spare his life.
“My daughter. She needs a father.” Hotaka’s appetite grew. He was reaching the end of the line and this man had no siblings, no cousins.
“Where is she?” Hotaka asked, his elongated canines making his words harsh and clipped. The man hesitated and Hotaka gave him a reason to answer. Opening his wide mouth, he put the man’s hand between his teeth and bit through flesh and bone, blood filling his mouth as he sucked from the wound. Hotaka’s eyes rolled back in pleasure while the man beat the ground with his remaining fist in agony.
“Tell me, or I will eat the other,” Hotaka promised.

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