Tuesday, 7 February 2017

#tantalyzingTuesday Oni 3 #Japanese Giant on the train

Hotaru chided herself for staring, even though many others stared for longer. He didn’t speak to anyone else, ducking to enter the train car. Hotaru wasn’t able to find a seat. She never did. Instead, she held the strap over her head and found another girl to lean against. With their back to one another, they could be more stable and provide one less temptation to the male fingers around them.
Despite the support, Hotaru did pitch forward at one hard stop and caught herself on the same giant. His hands were very warm, adding to her belief that he suffered from sunburn.
“I’m sorry,” she apologized, her eyes fixed on his thighs. He wore tight leather pants printed like tiger skin, tight enough to outline the bulge in the middle.
“Be careful,” he warned her, exiting at the stop before hers. Her face had to be as pink as his. Really, imagining how large his member would be? She needed a boyfriend.
Stepping off the train, Hotaru focused on two goals: find an affordable apartment and have sex. She expected the latter would be much easier to acquire than the former.


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